Trump signs ‘Right to Try,’ says it will save ‘tremendous number of lives’

Please take the time to read this very relevant development in the United States, which will make a quantifiable difference to those patients who have exhausted mainstream treatment options.

This process in Australia, can take many weeks to facilitate, and this is time a terminally ill patient does not have.

Despite our political persuasions, this is a positive step forward for a marginalised group currently without a voice.

Cancer community


  1. Congratulations to the Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation Board of Directors on this web site achievement. The task of compiling an effective medium to help widen the understanding of sarcoma has so much merit. I wish you all every success in your endeavours to help those who have been so unfortunate to have this condition inflicted on, not only the patient, but also the associated families and friends.
    Thank you.
    Robert Brading

    1. Bob, thank you so much for your lovely message, and without bias! We are so very appreciative of your love and support for this very large and highly personal project.

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