Week One

As a method of better engaging with all those interested in my Ironman and fundraising journey throughout the year, I’ll be looking to whip up a weekly recap of the week that has been. Depending on feedback I receive back from my loyal followers (i.e. just my mum, potentially my girlfriend…) I’ll add more, shorten, or change the content I’m putting out.

Monday – REST

So far so good

Tuesday – 1:00 Swim, 1:00 Run (Z2)

For future reference, whenever I’m mentioning Z’s (Z1, Z2, Z3 or Z4) it’s in reference to my heart rate for the activity, with Z1 being a light workout and Z4 being unsustainable for more than 5-10 minutes. Given my lack of cardio ability in these early stages, the general gist for my workouts is to build my base aerobic capacity, which means staying in this Z1-Z2 zone.

Wednesday – 0:45 Bike into 0:15 Run (Z2)

These kinds of sessions start to build my tolerance during the final transition of the Ironman. The general consensus I’m getting about Ironman’s is that this transition from the 6.5hr cycle into the marathon run is the most difficult part of the race so it will understandably make up a lot of my sessions over these 30 or so weeks

Thursday – 1:00 Bike (100rpm+) (Z1)

Currently the most boring sessions I’m doing, mainly because I’m stuck on the indoor bike at the moment watching tedious amounts of classic English Premier League matches (Newcastle vs Arsenal 2010/11 was a ripper game to be fair…)

I also met with Tania Rice-Brading (co-founder of CRBF) for the first time. It was incredible to get a sense of her story and the trials and tribulations that her and her family have had to go through as a result of sarcoma. I’ve never met anyone who has truly made me feel so welcome and comfortable so quickly and I can’t wait to learn more about the foundation and its plans going forward!

Friday – 1:00 Run (Z2)

Knowing I had to leave at 6am to drive to Albury (6hrs) for the Easter Weekend, this run started at 4:30am. This run sucked.

Saturday – 1:00 Run (Z2)

Suspecting a potential sesh that evening, I tried to achieve a significant calorie deficit to make myself feel better about what was about to come. Ultimately, I was unsuccessful

Sunday – Not Alive (Z0)

Hungover, no movement detected…


This week’s work was solid, despite the disruption from the Easter Long Weekend. Missing out on the key long cycle on Sunday was the only major disruption. Next week has 11 hours of training in store and Monday will represent 32 weeks til game day.

As I will continue to ask during the coming weeks, if you have any suggestions or ideas to help raise awareness for sarcoma research and/or the work CRBF do, please shoot me a message on social media or via email (jack.racklyeft@gmail.com). Please share this, or any information from my donation page below to anyone and everyone you can. I have no doubt that slowly but surely, we will start to raise awareness and to make a truly positive change.