$33,000 closer to a cure!


How do we ever thank our participants enough for their outstanding effort in this year’s City to Surf?  

Tonight we are $33,000 and climbing hourly, and we owe this success to our outstanding runners, and supporters.

Aspiring to make sarcoma history….


Personalised Medicine -
New Therapeutics for Rare Cancers

To mark the end of global sarcoma month, the 31st of July saw eminent health journalist Dr Norman Swan together with Professors Angela Hong, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Maya Kansara & David Thomas, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, participate in a panel discussion covering the exciting developments in personalised therapeutics for rare cancers at the CRBF corporate breakfast supported by Baker McKenzie.

"Changing the history of sarcoma as we know it..."

Professor Chris Goodnow announces the Garvan Institute CRBF joint initiative for sarcoma

On Friday 11 May, Professor Chris Goodnow, Director of the Garvan Institute for Medical Research (GIMR) pictured above, announced the first CRBF grant for clinical research for sarcoma in conjunction with the GIMR.

We are delighted to confirm CRBF will be funding a module of the molecular screening and therapeutics clinical trial, for sarcoma patients, under the auspices of the GIMR.

Special thanks to Professors Chris Goodnow, David Thomas and Maya Kansara for their individual contribution and commitment to improving survival outcomes for sarcoma patients.

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The Cooper’By Autore Pearls

Autore Pearls are synonymous with quality, and exquisite design, with their designs worn by Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Selena Gomez, to name but a few.

The Cooper has been designed by AUTORE Design Director, Jane Autore, to embody the spirit, and the life of our precious son, whilst generating funding for critical clinical research by donating 10% of each sale directly to CRBF.

This is a unisex piece, with a magnificent Italian leather plaited band, an exquisite South Sea pearl, customised clasp with the CRBF logo, and a small garnet detail to signify Coops love of cricket.  The bracelet is available in a double and single strand. 

Our heartfelt gratitude to the Autore family, for creating this spectacular piece, and for their support of the work of CRBF.


Swans star Nick Blakey lends his support to 'Stamp Out Sarcoma'
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The 2019 CRBF Sydney University Inter-college City to Surf team raises over $33,000 for clinical research
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