July is Sarcoma Awareness Month

July is Sarcoma Awareness Month. While sarcoma awareness is a continuous effort, this month, the message is heightened globally.

Sarcomas are rare and aggressive cancers that can arise in the bone and soft tissue, affecting any area of the body and all age groups. These cancers are often misdiagnosed and present significant treatment challenges.

This month, we are focusing our attention on those aged 30 and above. Each of these individuals faces unique challenges related to their age and the time of their life when sarcoma entered their lives completely unannounced.

We are privileged to have many remarkable individuals whose lives have been affected by sarcoma share their stories, highlighting the unique struggles faced by those in this age group.

Today, we kick off Sarcoma Awareness Month featuring “teasers” from three remarkable women – Naomi, Kaela, and Anne, whose lives have each been changed irreversibly by a sarcoma diagnosis. The long versions of their interviews will feature throughout July, along with the stories of several men who have also lived with this cancer and have generously agreed to be interviewed.

The destructive nature of sarcomas is matched only by the frustration of those fighting them. With limited research and awareness, sarcoma remains a formidable adversary. By sharing these courageous stories, we hope to build greater awareness around this devastating cancer.

If you or a loved one suspect a sarcoma, please contact your doctor immediately to discuss.  A comprehensive list of all verified sarcoma specialists in Australia, may be obtained by going to https://www.crbf.org.au/sarcoma-multi-disciplinary-teams/ or by contacting the Australia New Zealand Sarcoma Association https://sarcoma.org.au/.

Our thanks to Mitch and Steph from  for once more going over and beyond with their work and creative direction behind the camera, and the microphone.

Special thanks to the fabulous Michael “Wippa” Wipfli” for his voiceover, and for the incredible support he provides to sarcoma in Australia.

Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation, CRBFNews

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