Sydney Grammar School

We would like our heartfelt gratitude acknowledged our heartfelt to Dr Richard Malpass, Headmaster Sydney Grammar School, Dr John Valance (former Headmaster), Mr Phillip Barr, former Master of the Lower School, Ms Felicia Boyages, Tutor, Mr Jason Slater, Housemaster, Mr Tom Watkins, Senior Housemaster, Mr Alan Campbell, Mr Lachlan Fear, Ms Rita Finn, Ms Ann Quinn, Sargent Greg Bolger, Masters, staff and students of Sydney Grammar School.

The Foundation is indebted to Glasshouse CEO and co-founder, Nicole Eckels and co-founder, Dr Warwick Nettle for their belief in our work from our formative phase in 2016.  Their support has been instrumental to our growth, and more significantly, has enabled us to raise critical funding for young sarcoma patients, thus providing hope for the future.

The Sydney Swans

Our heartfelt gratitude to Peter Berbakov, High Performance Operations Manager - Sydney Swans for the array of truly wonderful things he did for Cooper over past years. Peter together with Tom Harley, Chris Smith, the staff, management and players from the Swans consistently went out of their way to put the joy back in Cooper's life. The Swans, without cameras and journalists, effectively brought something so very special to a young sport mad boy's life, when he so desperately needed a lifeline. Thank you really does not seem adequate to Peter and all at Sydney Swans.


Grand Hyatt Melbourne

Ilan Weil General Manager of the Grand Hyatt Melbourne, together with Guest Services Manager, Craig Buckley, Jessica Day, Danica Mazzeo, the Executive Lounge staff, and hotel staff, have become our family away from Sydney over the past decade.  More significantly, were the lengths each went to in order to ensure Cooper's comfort in the advanced stages of his illness.   His Melbourne trips to watch the AFL became so very important to him, and to us.

The Grand Hyatt Melbourne holds a myriad of special memories, and we remain so very grateful to all who have contributed to those memories.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the Autore family for their ongoing support of the Foundation and the work we do. We are so very grateful to this family for their generosity, humility and grace, together with their commitment to assist CRBF in funding critical sarcoma research.

Costume Box

CBRF would like to thank Nikki, Don and William Yeaman for their friendship, and their unwavering support of the work of the Foundation.  Their ongoing contribution in varied ways, has provided CRBF with the ability to continue funding sarcoma research in Australia.

The Roos Family

Our heartfelt gratitude to Paul, Tami, Tyler and Dylan Roos for the friendship, generosity, kindness, love and support they extended to Cooper, and to our family over the the past decade, and particularly over the past two years.  Your generosity of spirit will never be forgotten.


We would like to thank Wes and Sian Rutherford for their support of CRBF.  Wes is a sarcoma survivor himself, and generously offered to support our fundraising initiative with the provision of an exquisite Kailis South Sea pearl pendant.

Harley Streten aka Flume

Harry White - Artist Manager, Future Classic on behalf of Harley Streten aka Flume.  Harry and Flume went out of their way to elevate Cooper's spirits through some very dark moments throughout his treatment with music and kind gestures.

Melbourne Football Club

Paul Roos and the Melbourne Football Club, were instrumental in providing a much needed release for Cooper throughout his treatment.  We are so very grateful to Paul, the club management, and to each of the players for the role they each played in making a profound difference to Cooper's life at that time.

City Edge Physio

We wish to extend our sincere thanks to Merryn Aldridge,Chris Evens, Patrick Farhart and the wonderful staff at City Edge Physio,who all greatly assisted with Cooper's diagnosis and rehabilitation. We remain grateful to each of you, as Cooper was.

Titus Day - Six Degrees Group

Titus is one of those busy executives who finds time for others, and truly makes a difference in the lives of others. His assistance in the formative phase of the Foundation will not be forgotten.

Up Cycle Indoor Cycle Studio Potts Point

The Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation extends our sincere gratitude to Shantelle and Kelly, Eve and Sascha, at Sydney's premiere indoor cycle studio for the love they have each shown us, and to all who walk through their doors. We would also like to thank them for their ongoing support of sarcoma research, leading to much needed hope  for young sarcoma patients.  

Remfry Cricket, Adelaide

Our sincere thanks to Luke Remfry for his thoughtfulness in making Cooper a custom made arm guard which was pivotal in  facilitating his return to cricket, after extensive reconstructive surgery.  

Seb Aroney

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Seb Aroney, Director of Modern power Solutions, for his professionalism patience and for the great work he undertook to build our new website.