Cooper's diagnosis filled us with an overwhelming feeling of disbelief, helplessness and denial, to the point where the basic function of breathing often felt impossible.

How does any family member ever truly prepare themselves for a cancer diagnosis in a loved one?

Consider that loved one is a child. The answer is, until the moment we are forced to confront that shocking reality, we have no real concept of how we would react.

For our family, there was an overwhelming feeling of disbelief, helplessness and denial.   For some time  after Cooper's diagnosis became a reality, the basic function of breathing, felt impossible

We all hear of this happening to other people's children, and we are genuinely saddened and touched by these stories. Life then resumes, and that family are left to face their plight, and often become a fleeting memory.

Sleep became an escape, however waking from sleep was fraught with issue. For the briefest of moments, the pain was completely gone.

And then reality would quickly set in.   Suffice to say as parents, we all live by the mantra, "But for the grace of God go I"...

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