Sock it to Sarcoma! WA Shines a light…

Perth based sarcoma not for profit, Sock it to Sarcoma has recently completed the fourth highly successful year of their “Shine a light” on sarcoma light show.

June 29 to July 5, marked Sarcoma Awareness Week in Western Australia, and specially chosen landmarks around the metropolitan areas and regional centres of WA landmarks were used to Shine a Light On Sarcoma. – by lighting up in the colours of  Sock it to sarcoma (SITS!).

WA Sarcoma Awareness week each year sees Sock it to sarcoma! create a lasting community awareness for this sinister cancer, with this spectacular light show, and in doing so, potentially saving lives.

To learn more about the outstanding work being done by SITS! please visit their website at

Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation, CRBFNews

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