Poor Man’s Everest racing for patient support

Lachie Mactier, Hunter Hordern and Angus Joyce are just the type of mates you need around you when your world falls apart. Just ask CRBF’s Patient Advocate, Jack Gibson. Jack was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 2017, and there has never been one moment he has felt the need to walk what can be a very lonely road, alone.

Jack has a remarkable family, but he is also blessed with a remarkable friendship group that blossomed at school, and continued throughout Uni to today.

Several months ago, the boys, under the alias @poor_mans_everest contacted CRBF with a proposal to complete 2 events. Jack, Hunter, and Angus will form a relay team and compete in the Noosa Triathlon in October. Not to be outdone, Lachie will be running in the @blackmoresaustralia marathon.

They are kicking their campaign off in global Sarcoma Awareness Month, and will not only be raising funds for the support of sarcoma patients and their families in Australia, but they will also be spreading awareness from today when their campaign launches, and throughout the coming months.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to Lachie, Angus and Hunter for being there for Jack, but for their endless commitment to improving resources for sarcoma patients and their contribution over many years to clinical research.

Give the boys a follow on instagram at @poor_mans_everest and watch them as they train and work towards these huge events!

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