Mother’s Day Breakfast 2019

Once more Zest Waterfront Venues at the Royal motor Yacht Club provided a magnificent backdrop to the 2019 CRBF Mother’s Day Breakfast.

With the sun rising, bathing the Pacific Room in a warm golden hue, the harbour glistening, and the room resplendent with antique pink roses, the scene was set for yet another celebration of motherhood, in support of clinical research for sarcoma.

MC, Celebrity Media Commentator, Melissa Hoyer, was flawless in her role, and left our guests in no doubt as to why she is so well respected in the Australian media landscape. Her warm, relatable style was the perfect accompaniment to this this event, and we hold the deepest gratitude to her for providing her time and professionalism free of charge.

Professor Chris Goodnow, Director of the Garvan Institute delivered the news we had all been waiting for – the announcement of a joint initiative between CRBF and the Garvan Institute for ground breaking clinical research into sarcoma, providing hope for patients living with limited treatment options.

Philanthropist Kay Van Norton Poche captivated the room with her inimitable style, espousing the ethos she lives by, “Always err on the side of generosity”, leaving us all with a strong message and purpose.  Kay and husband Greg have funded initiatives such as the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health at Sydney University, cutting edge Melanoma research, a neonatal care facility at the Mater Hospital, and most recently a youth palliative care facility which will be constructed on the old manly Hospital site.

Friend of CRBF Jarrad Sapsford and Marc Chamri entertained our guests with a stirring rendition of “7 Years” – Lukas Graham, which was one of Cooper’s favourite songs, followed by “Yesterday” – The Beatles.  These young musicians  and former schoolmates of Cooper at Sydney Grammar School, generously donated their time and their outstanding talent to CRBF in Cooper’s memory.

Young sarcoma survivor Jack Gibson delivered a heartfelt speech about his cancer diagnosis, and the integral part his mum Suzie played throughout.  There was not a dry eye in the room as this courageous young man bravely spoke from the heart, and paid tribute to his beautiful mum.

Finally the mood changed immeasurably with the 2019 Mother’s Day Roast, delivered by Mitchell Rice-Brading.  Mitch diarises the parental swings and misses of his mother, Tania, over the past year, and delivers them at the Mother’s Day function, to remind our guests, it is so important to laugh, and to leave the room uplifted, and unburdened.   Judging by the laughter this year, it was a job well done.

We would like to thank our outstanding Executive Fundraising Committee, Libby Kennedy, Dianne Lawrance, Dyan Comino, Gloria Gapes, Nikki Yeaman, Claire Bonic, Kirsten Martensen- Arms, and Kate Longden together with Carolyn Kay and Robin Todd  for their unwavering love and support, and practical help on the day, enabling the day to be the success it was.

On a day where we celebrate the essence of motherhood, we wish all mothers, love, peace of mind, and joy, in whatever form that may take.  For those of you for whatever reason, find yourselves separated from your children today, find comfort in knowing they will forever walk beside you…