ANZSA iEuro-Ewing Study- Phase 3

IEuro-Ewings phase three study 

iEuro-Ewing. This International randomised clinical study for patients with localised Ewing sarcoma aims to define the additional benefit of immunotherapy to standard chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. The trial is developed by the Euro Ewing Consortium.

ANZSA has a long established relationship with the Euro Ewing Consortium and is currently recruiting to another Euro Ewing Consortium trial (rEECur). Early results from the rEEcur has already changed the chemotherapy regimen that we currently used for patients with Ewing sarcoma. iEuro-Ewing is next study after Euro Ewing08 which ANZSA participated in and has closed to recruitment. Ewing sarcoma affect both children and adults and ANZSA will open this trial in multiple paediatric and adult hospitals in Australia.

Duration of study 

  • Study is 7 years long with 5 years of recruitment and 2 years follow up.
  •  iEuroEwings will be open at all adult and paediatric sites so approximately 14 sites in Australia (and we would offer it to 4 NZ sites as well)
  • ANZSA will sponsor these studies. iEuroEwings would be Dr Vivek Bhadri (ANZSA SAC member) at Westmead that led EE08, (most likely but still to be determined). ANZSA will run these trials centrally and coordinate with each site and the international cooperative groups.
  •  The iEuroEwing study would be very similar in structure but with the additional costs of the additional sites.
  • The costs outlined are far below the actual costs of running the studies and we rely on the institutional infrastructure supports to run trials to support clinical research projects
  • ANZSA receives infrastructure support from a Cancer Australia grant which partially supports the ANZSA office to be able to develop trials and research until funds can be sourced for trial conduct.
  • iEuroEwings currently does not have any funding pathways
  • iEuroEwings- 70 adult and paediatric patients total

Funding required

$1.3m over 7 years