Heide Robson


Heide is a highly accomplished tax accountant, businesswoman and philanthropist, with over 28 years of experience in accountancy.  Heide is currently a Tax Accountant with Rosen Partners, Bondi Junction, and  prior to this was a Senior Accountant with both BHP Billiton, Melbourne, and Siemens, Melbourne.

Heide is the Founder and Host of Tax Talks Sydney, and the Founder/CFO of Needu, Australia’s first free recruitment platform for SME employers.

Heide is mother to five  children,  who fill her with great pride.  However beyond that she is a self-confessed “tax nerd” and living and breathing tax which she says, “leads my  family to think that makes me incredibly boring.”

The first time I ‘met’ Cooper was when I read his school magazine article about having had cancer. He would have mentioned Sarcoma but I had never heard that word and so glanced straight over it. The main thing was that Cooper was well again. A year later my son whispered that Cooper died. The school sent a note the next day. Sarcoma. I went to  Cooper’s website and realised that Cooper had spent the last two years of his life trying to spare others from what he faced. He identified sarcoma is on the rise and targeting our young, and most of all that the survival rates are low with no improvement in sight due to the lack of research. How can we let our young die like this? CRBF is Cooper’s legacy. He worked tirelessly to the very end trying to save patients with sarcoma, after him. We need to help Cooper and continue where he was stopped. To save our children experiencing what he was forced to.”