Kate Longden

“I am excited to be able to contribute in any way to raising awareness and funds towards research into sarcoma. In my lifetime I have seen rapid advances in research and treatments for many diseases. It is time now for […]

Kirsten Martensen-Arms

Sarcoma, I never thought that this word, describing such an unforgiving illness, would mean so much to us.  In 2011, on the cricket field, we met Coop and his amazing family, watching our sons bat and bowl. Later, through witnessing […]

Lisa Scribner

‘I first met the delightful Cooper when he played junior representative cricket with my son. As a mother of two boys I am devastated by the loss of Cooper. I look forward to doing whatever I can to help Tania […]

Gloria Gapes

I was so fortunate to meet Tania through our time volunteering at school. She was always there on rugby days quietly contributing and selflessly helping out. Now I  have been given the opportunity to support Tania through the CRBF I […]

Dianne Lawrance

I admire Cooper for taking action and having such determination in the face of his own adversity. He showed both courage and care which I feel flowed from a special heart. I admire his family for their own courage and […]

Alison Craig

No one should have to face their own mortality at 18 – yet this is exactly what Cooper did; not only with great courage and bravery but with true inspiration, as he endeavoured to set up a legacy of some […]

Dyan Comino

 I first met the Rice- Brading family through the Sydney Grammar community and was fortunate to get to know Cooper, when he played cricket with my son in 2016. > Cooper always struck me as a sensitive, compassionate and fun […]

Libby Kennedy

I felt very honoured to be a part of the Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation. Cooper was not only a loved team mate and friend of my son’s – but the Rice Brading family we have grown with on sporting sidelines, bbqing […]

Nikki Yeaman

I eagerly put my hand up to be part of the Cooper Rice Brading Foundation for a number of reasons. Cooper was my son’s friend and cricket team-mate, and his illness and death has had a great personal impact on […]