Cancer claims the life of three children/adolescents each week in Australia while 66% of survivors suffer severe long term effects.

The Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia reports there are more than 1000 new diagnoses of child and adolescent cancer in Australia each year.  Up to 20% of those children and 10% of the total adolescent numbers  will receive a sarcoma diagnosis.

The AIHW once again predicts in 2022,  bone and soft tissue sarcomas combined will be the leading cause of cancer related death in the 10-24 year age group.

Hope lies in research.  Australia is home to a collective of brilliant scientific minds, who continue to work toward cure.

Funding the work of these remarkable individuals is central to advancing all childhood cancers, and in particular, those like sarcoma, that have not shown the progress other childhood cancers have over past decades.

“The future we want to see is that all children, adolescents and young adults with sarcoma have access to their own novel combination drug therapies – chosen to match individual genetic and drug testing of their tumour tissue.”  Prof Glenn Marshall, Head of Translational Research at Children’s Cancer Institute

It is a matter of when –  not if…