Because today is Mother’s Day it is one of three days each year we can use the CRBF social media platform for a post with a personal twist.

Those who know me, know I love our children Mitchell and Cooper to the moon and back, and together with CRBF co-founder & long-suffering husband Colin, & errant French Bulldog Betty, (not necessarily in that order) they are put very simply, my life.

On Friday, Mitch, delivered a flawless segment at the Covid ravaged CRBF Mother’s Day Breakfast. He roamed the room & thanked our key guests. Others were not quite so lucky.  I was one of them.

For those of you who didn’t attend this event Mitch informed our guests I “incessantly hounded the event organisers to have the venue serve alcohol @ 7am”  for our hallmark CRBF breakfast function –  in particular “a brick of Bundaberg Rum”, I sat for two minutes with the words to “killing me softly “, playing in my mind, eyes roaming the room looking for imaginary thought bubbles. “Where is she keeping that hip flask?” “Did the staff actually serve her coffee in that cup?”

Mitch I know you choose my retirement home, but you skipped a step – I choose where your inheritance goes.

There is a more serious note for today’s post.  CRBF would like to wish all the remarkable mother’s and significant others, joy, peace of mind, time with your loved ones, and a special day making special memories.  It is a day when we remember and honour those whose Mother’s Day will never be the same, as their child or indeed their mother no longer walks beside them.

To those mums, this day will always be met with a multitude of mixed emotions. A stark reminder of a perfect life forever altered.  Mother’s Day is a day to surround yourself with those who matter most, to do something simple that brings joy, or to simply march to the beat of your own drum. There is a no size fits all solution to these special days in the calendar.

Whatever form Mother’s Day takes for you, we send our love to each of our mums, & thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the difference you make in our lives.