Lisa Greissl is Founder of Newcastle based “The Big Hug Box”

Lisa’s remarkable body of work came to the attention of all at CRBF in early 2018, after she reached out to us, and a meeting followed during one of the trips she does regularly to Sydney, to deliver the boxes of joy, that have lifted the spirits of all who received them for many years.

We came to know Lisa as a very special young woman, who despite her own experience with cancer, spends every day brightening the lives of those now walking this road behind her.  She is a true force of nature.

After experiencing a her own rare cancer diagnosis in 2015, Lisa advocates for patient wellbeing, health and support and acknowledges the importance of the little acts of kindness that play a significant part in contributing to patient wellbeing which contributed to The Big Hug Box being born.

The Big Hug Box sets out to make the journey of those living with a cancer diagnosis, a little more bearable. Filled with products that are sourced from small business in Newcastle wherever possible, Lisa chooses natural and organic products.  Lisa and her team also encourage random acts of kindness amongst the community by encouraging people to purchase a RHoK Box (Random Hug of Kindness Box) whereby members of the community can by a box that will be delivered and given out randomly to patients at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, where Lisa was treated.

The team at The Big Hug Box  have raised over $36,000 for cancer research in Australia.

“I am so proud of what The Big Hug Box has achieved and continues to achieve. We have built an incredibly supportive community around us who value the importance of kindness and are aligned with our values and our purpose. Together we will make a positive impact on the lives affected by cancer with a Big Hug and supporting cancer support services and organisations with profits from every sale” Lisa Greissl.Go to to bring joy to the life of someone you know who may be in need of a Big Hug.