If you are one of the 2300 people who will be diagnosed with sarcoma in 2021, this podcast may help you understand the importance of the medical team that are assigned to you.

In Episode 2, we hear from Pathologist Daniel Wong, Sarcoma Nurse Consultant Jacky Woods, Associate Professor David Gyorki, eminent sarcoma surgeon and ANZSA Director, Clinical Psychologist Deb York, and @rarecancers Patient Care Coordinator, Christine Cockburn. Each use their wealth of experience in this area to provide insight into the importance of the Multi Disciplinary Team when undergoing treatment for sarcoma.

We thank each of these very busy professionals for their time and for sharing their knowledge in this podcast.   Special thanks to Cathrine Mahoney and Darcy Milne for once more providing their expertise and professionalism to produce this series, and in doing so, providing a useful resource to all sarcoma patients and their families.

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