July is Global Sarcoma Awareness Month (SAM) 

We dedicate the month of July to those who will receive a diagnosis of sarcoma in the future, those who are living with sarcoma, those who are in survivorship, and those who fought valiantly, but no longer walk beside their loved ones. We also recognise the families, friends, and carers who more often than not, suffer great trauma at the hands of this cancer

Lack of awareness and understanding of sarcoma have in past decades led to delayed and misdiagnosis, poor survival outcomes, and has impeded the efforts to encourage research and drug development.  Sarcoma is still often considered to be the “forgotten cancer.”

The dial is changing in Australia, and this month CRBF is dedicating sarcoma awareness month to “Hope for the future”.  Hope in research; Hope in finding new therapies to treat all subtypes; Hope that one day a sarcoma diagnosis will mean eventually dying with this cancer, not from it;  Hope in making sarcoma history.

Throughout the month we will highlight the extraordinary challenges that sarcoma patients face and the need for continued improvement to optimal patient care pathways, whilst significantly adding to the high-level sarcoma research in this country, and access to improved therapies, which will lead to better survival outcomes.

At CRBF, promoting awareness of sarcoma is a 365 day a year process which we are proud to say we have been committed to from day one, and is magnified globally during the month of July.
While we work tirelessly at funding a cure for sarcoma, awareness is at the forefront of everything we do.  It is critical everyone we reach can recognise the symptoms listed on our video for July, with a view to early diagnosis, and the understanding of why it is imperative to be treated by a specialist sarcoma team.
Special thanks to our partners Mandy Basson and the team @ Sock it to sarcoma! and the fabulous team at Enthral, Daniel Coolahan,(cameraman) Martin Cox,(sound) Chris De la Motte,(editor) and to producers Emma Robertson and Laura Mangham who were nothing short of outstanding.

Enthral, is a content marketing agency, specialising in earned and owned purposeful video content, based on strategy and insights, experience and outstanding creative.  Enthral has partnered once again with CRBF to produce this impactful video, donating significant portions of time and expertise to enable us to distribute this content and important message for the month of July, and beyond.