Because it’s International Dog Day, we pay homage to the work our canine friends are doing in the name of research for sarcoma.

This research is taking place worldwide, with special emphasis on WA, where our colleagues @sockittosarcoma are funding innovative research which is another step closer to finding the answers to cure.

Just around the corner is our long awaited range of bandanas for dogs, which will be a fun way of highlighting a very serious topic –  Scarves 4 Sarcoma – Bone & Soft Tissue Cancer.

Over the coming weeks some very well known Australian media identities, sports stars, and musicians to name a few, will lend their celebrity status to this campaign, and team with their dogs, and most importantly, some of those living with sarcoma,  to promote awareness nationally.  Sarcoma awareness is a 365 day a year.

They say never to work with dogs or children… And today we learned why?   Betty, CRBF’s very own bulldog is very comfortable working with patients and families.  Today she frocked up to front our new campaign. The diva emerged and the shoot was all but abandoned until the food came out….

Betty joins @banjo1538 who by the way the complete gentleman.