When a child/ adolescent receives a cancer diagnosis, their world changes in the blink of an eye.  Often forced to grow up quickly, contemplate their mortality, & endure great emotional angst together with unimaginable pain and suffering.  They watch as their friends continue to live the life they place on hold.

Random acts of kindness make the world go round for young people living with a cancer diagnosis.

We have the greatest privilege of working with the best ambassadors (and human beings) many of which were Coop’s friends.

This week was a truly special one & while these people work quietly behind the scenes, & without fanfare, there comes a time when words need to be found to say thank you.

Yesterday CRBF ambassador & a man with an enormous heart @wippa1 and the  wonderful @camillawithlove together with Camilla’s remarkable team, Alexia and Brooke joined forces to make the day of a little girl, valiantly fighting osteosarcoma for 4 years.  Her challenges & her courage in facing these challenges literally defy words.

Without cameras, media, & with more love than you could ever begin to imagine, a little girl’s dreams came true.

Wippa & Camilla joined forces in 2021 on the celebrity challenge team that raised $183,000 for paediatric sarcoma research at the @childrenscancerinstitute on @celebrityapprentice , through the Wipfli Family Sarcoma Research Fund.

In another part of the world new grandfather and all round good guy @paulroos1 was busy working on making another dream come true for a young @sydneyswans supporter.  Despite his willingness to do what he can for young sarcoma patients, getting the Swannies into the GF may just push the envelope.

Finally the amazing @billysmith___ @art_stanley_ , @thesilverfox68 , Dan & Lisa Miller, @amyparmenterr , Em Rothfield, Yael Bradbury, the team @accorstadium , @allianzstadium & @mcc_members ,  working so hard on very big projects to deliver joy to our beneficiaries over coming weeks.

Weeks like the one past, take a village.  How do we ever thank each of you?