At the 2017 launch of CRBF, founder Cooper Rice-Brading addressed 250 guests, in a compelling speech from the heart.

Cooper revealed an inequity that existed between sarcoma, and other childhood cancers, and stood before his guests, vowing to change this inequity.

Sadly Cooper always understood his work was never likely to assist his cancer, however this did not prevent him from using every tool at his disposal, to change the world for young sarcoma patients everywhere.

Cooper’s speech that night, clearly defined his vision for CRBF, and determined how the Foundation that proudly bears his name, would move into the future without him.

In December of 2019, CRBF placed a submission with the Federal Government for funding assistance through the Medical Research Futures Fund.  After two years of sourcing and researching the most promising clinical trials and surgical technology for paediatric/adolescent and adult sarcoma patients, a National Sarcoma Initiative was incepted.

CRBF now has the challenge of raising $5m to realise half of the total figure required to revolutionise treatment and surgical options for sarcoma patients, and just like Cooper, we are up for the challenge.

Scarves for sarcoma will launch our new campaign.  The profits from each scarf sold, will contribute to this $5m target, and will serve to remind those who buy and wear our scarves, of the potential the National Sarcoma Initiative holds for saving young lives, and in doing so, realising Cooper’s vision of a sarcoma free world.  

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